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Project Description
SkyLinq is a LINQ based libraries and application framework for fast-data analytics.

What does fast-data mean?

The first fast is about develop fast, that is, at the speed or thought and conversation. The way we do it is by making various data source composable and adaptable. Everything will be exposed to the fluent API of existing Microsoft stack of LINQ to IEnumerable<T>, IQueryable<T>, Parallel LINQ, Rx, Web API and OData.

The second fast is about execution efficiency. Since the framework is optimized for analytics, we optimized everything for read-only access, that is, we minimize object creation and thus garbage collection. We aim to allow solving lots of problems without Hadoop.

Currently, there are no binary artifacts available. I will make Nuget library available fairly soon. Please follow for the discussion of thoughts and usage of bits in this project.

Current Deliverables

This project has accumulated some ideas and examples:

Ideas Code
LINQ query optimization by query rewriting using a custom IQueryable LINQ provider Implementation Example
An efficient Top K algorithm with implementation in C# for LINQ Implementation Example
A c# implementation of duck typing Implementation Example
Memory efficient group by Implementation Example
LINQ to Graph Implementation Example

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